The pile driver is a construction machine suitable for construction foundation engineering operations. It is mainly suitable for soil layer construction such as sand, cohesive soil and silty soil. It is widely used in various foundation construction such as cast-in-place pile, continuous wall and cement pile foundation reinforcement. The pile cylinder has great vibration during work, HOLAM special support and sealing technology ensures that the cylinder has good sealing performance under this condition.

• Barrel is made of high-strength alloy steel and the piston rod is made of high strength carbon steel. It has high safety factor, can withstand high working pressure and tension, and has good safety performance.
• Surface of the piston rod adopts the medium frequency quenching process. After the working surface is chrome-plated, the surface hardness, wear resistance and smoothness are effectively improved, so that the surface of the piston rod has high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.
• Advanced sealing technology ensures stable operation of the cylinder, high reliability and cost performance.
• Piston and the guide sleeve are supported by high strength, which can effectively absorb the side load, have good wear resistance and long service life.